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Fresh vegetables and fruit

Asian fresh vegetables and fruit are delivered to our store twice a week. So the bok choy, the morning glory (water spinach) and the lemon grass are up to date.  We carry fresh fruit in season, such as mangoes, lychees, fresh durian and Japanese apples.

Asian groceries and snacks

Rows of shelves in the Bangkok Asian Market are packed with every conceivable type of Asian groceries.  Check our product list, but we have everything from rice and noodles to sauces and ingredients, and to spices and mixes.  We have an entire section of snacks and goodies, for kids and adults.

Asian food in all forms

Bangkok Asian Market carries frozen food for your convenience.  Our current stock runs the gamut from frozen banana leaves used as wrapping for steamed dishes, to six flavors of the popular Japanese Mochi Ice Cream.  Popular buys include the frozen fish-balls, crab-balls and meatballs for soup, and the wraps used on spring rolls in the cooking styles of many countries.

Rice is especially nice

Have we got rice? You bet we do. Of course the Bangkok Asian Market has the top brands of Thai rice - Rose, Two Horse, Three Ladies brands of fragrant jasmine (khao hom mali). But we have the favorite rice from East and Southeast Asian countries, both regular and glutinous (sticky rice) types.  Yes we have brown, jasmine rice, and organic rice. We carry rice in all sizes, from 2 pounds all the way up to 50-pound bags. You do not have to drive to Denver.  Unlike the big markets, we have variety and price. We do not mark up our rice. Our rice prices are fully competitive.

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